Fred Dibnah: The Unseen Story episode one DVD sleeve

A cartoon of Fred Dibnah by Mike Bryson

Fred Dibnah: The Unseen Story

Excalibur Productions brings you an exclusive presentation of its series 'Fred Dibnah: The Unseen Story'.

When the BBC stopped filming what the late steeplejack and television personality Fred Dibnah amusingly called "The Fred Dribble Saga", he asked us to film the continuation of it.

The result is finally completed and features the story of his life with Sheila, his charismatic widow, his later work and passion for his back garden, his final chimney drop, and his battle with cancer.

Below you will see a list of episodes in the series. Those that are currently available will have a link through which orders can be taken. Starting with episode one, 'The Evolution of a Folk Hero', each episode will be made available when they are ready.


FRED DIBNAH: The Unseen Story

Episode 1: Evolution of a Folk Hero 


Episode 2:      coming next

Episode 3:      coming soon

Episode 4:      coming soon

Episode 5: Sheila's Chimney Climb     coming soon

Episode 6: Three Times Lucky     coming soon

Episode 7: Fred and The Flying Scotsman     coming soon

Episode 8: Man of Iron     coming soon

Episode 9: The Last Chimney Drop     coming soon

Episode 10: Remembering Fred     coming soon

Episode 11: Life After Fred     coming soon

Episode 12: Fulfilling Fred's Dream     coming soon