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Excalibur was founded in 1986 by former BBC producer Nick Wilding and became the first independent company to produce a regional programme for the BBC. Through the talent, skills and imagination of a core group of individuals, Excalibur has created a body of innovative and stylish work in a variety of genres and media forms.
Excalibur productions have included television commercials, documentaries and campaign and training videos. These have featured locations throughout the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, with Nick Wilding or Jay Jeff Jones directing programmes on subjects ranging across the arts, heritage, health and the environment.
Nick Wilding’s personal mission has been to document the reminiscences and stories of people that reveal how different life was as recently as only 50 years ago. His local history documentaries continue to bring the past to life. (see Race Through Time, Heptonstall: A Village Of Memories, A Tale Of Two Towns) 
For over ten years Nick worked closely with Tony Milroy of the environmental charity Arid Lands and Sustainable Communities Trust on projects to record the organisation’s valuable work in Britain and the Middle East. One of the programmes that resulted, Urban Oasis, was awarded a prize at the Hamburg Festival In 2005.
At the personal request of Fred Dibnah, Nick spent ten years documenting Fred’s life and work, right up to the time of Fred’s death in November 2004. The footage has only been viewed by Fred’s closest friends and family and Excalibur is soon to release the series on DVD, available to buy right here through this website.

Excalibur continues to provide a cost-effective and professional resource for commissions of complete productions or specific production services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.