Fred Dibnah the unseen story


FRED DIBNAH: The Unseen Story

Marking the tenth anniversary of his sad death in 2004, this
is the first in a series of twelve films that have never been
seen on television and never been available to buy.

In episode one - The Evolution of a Folk Hero - our story finds Fred at a pivotal moment in his life. The acclaimed BBC series that launched his career as a television personality had just ended, as had his second marriage. Having been asked by Fred to continue filming his life's work, we followed Fred on the last contracts of his career as a steeplejack, to see his techniques in action as he took on jobs repairing a mill chimney in Barnoldswick and dropping the elegant Victorian tower of Bolton Royal Infirmary.

Along the way, Fred meets Sheila, his future wife, and meets a children’s writer with a plan to write a series of children’s stories about a steeplejack based upon Fred himself.

You can now buy episode one on DVD. There is a dedicated page for ordering the first episode under the Fred Dibnah tab titled The Unseen Story.

There will be twelve episodes. Having released episode one we are now working on readying episode two for release, but it may take a few months at least. Please stay tuned and we will keep you posted on this website.




On 2nd May, 2015, our new production was screened to a packed audience at Hebden Bridge Picture House. This film documentary tells the story of Hebden Bridge spanning seven centuries, including its evolution, its saving from demolition in the 1960s with thanks to the Calder Civic Trust, and its subsequent regeneration and shaping through the determination of local residents, preserving its beating heart.

This production will soon be available to buy on DVD.